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Kind Word

Kind Words

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being able to have Shelly at Wild Orchid Bakery come in HUGE on a “Tiger King” cake I needed, and envisioned for my brother’s 30th birthday, and when I say she nailed it, she absolutely NAILED it. Not only was it delicious, but the detail was absolutely amazing and truly was its own life of the party. It doesn’t stop there, she’s also provided me with fresh donuts that floored me and are currently the best kept secret in NH. Above all else, Shelly is so great and fun to work with, she puts it all into her craft, is well respected, and I can’t wait for my next order with her and Wild Orchid Bakery!

Dante M.

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About Us


The name Wild Orchid Bakery comes from my wanting to unite my two homes, Trinidad and Tobago  & New Hampshire.

I also do have a bit of a wild side, so I snuck that in as well!

for two years I have served the manchester and neighboring areas with fun and custom cakes for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

 my passion comes with creating baked-from-scratch gluten free and vegan recipes and unique traditional island-style pastries. I make everything with a dash of passion, a teaspoon of spice, and a cup of art to every order.

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